Why Us ?

Golden Sales is one of the UK's leading suppliers of pre-paid SIMs for all the mobile networks, with direct access to over 4,000+ stores. Golden Sales is major supplier of SIM cards to big business brand names offering highest commission scheme and rewards in the market.

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FREE SIM cards from ALL Networks and major MVNOs
Earn up to £10.00 per SIM
Commission paid every month
Professional sales staff to cater all your needs
Transparent commission scheme and extra rewards
POS material provided to help drive sales and top-ups
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Our distribution network

Our distribution network is built on trust, transparency, reliability and loyalty through our dedicated sales staff and management team, delivering targets timely and effectively. We work very closely with our outlets and distribution channels by providing one of the best incentive schemes in the sector and detailed merchandising consultation to ensure our SIM’s reach their target. We understand the demographic, financial, mix and make up of each geographic location in our network and through this unique knowledge we are able to place our products effectively to deliver the best outcome to our MNO’s and MVNO’s. We not only capitalise our unique market knowledge to distribute SIMs, but also to distribute mobile top up vouchers and mobile handsets across the country. As a result, we are poised to provide the most competitive and reliable services as a one stop shop to our MNO’s & MVNO’s.

And why we are different from other distributors

Strong Knowledge and market experience in the distribution networks
High incentive for retailers and wholesalers
Frequent visit for order fulfilment
Long term vision and customer care
Revenue sharing with sub-distributors
Sophisticated stock tracking system for activation control and monitoring

Calling Card Plus Much More.. It'll Save Your Money

Golden sales Ltd has a low-cost alternative to your landline, and mobile, long distance service.

We will save you up to 95% on international long distance calls and help you stay connected with your friends and family. Each calling card has an toll-free 800 number, or local access number(s), provided for easy access.

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